About Albaquirky

Albaquirky - pattern for individuals

I’m Tanya and I’m the artist and designer behind Albaquirky. I set up the label as I wanted to make products that people could use to express their own identity and individuality, sometimes quietly and sometimes loudly and proudly.  Patterns and designs that are wearable and useable, but still a little different. Products for people who couldn’t quite find the right thing in the big stores to show their subtlety and diversity, products that celebrate individuality! I know I’ve got it right when customers tell me how many positive passing comments they get when wearing my designs.

I have spent my life involved in the art and design world, both professionally and of course for pleasure! I love sharing with others the joy of art; the shapes, colours, marks, patterns, expression, meanings, connections, magic and individuality. I have done this as a fine artist, designer, maker and educator.

Designing patterns and art for companies like Paperchase, Feathr and MTV has been fun. It has taught me a lot, fine tuned my visual language and left me with a strong sense of what I like and how others connect with this. This industry experience led me to create the label Albaquirky. The name comes from my roots as a Scot (Alba), my continued creative fascination with the Scottish landscape (which often comes through in my work) and what I want to offer with my designs; quirkiness, something a little different, pattern for individuals.

I design all my products and the chunky fabric necklaces and digitally printed wool scarves are handmade. Where I work with other businesses for printing and manufacturing I try to keep it local, ethical and eco, for example all my fabric printing is done in the u.k. and my necklaces are made from upcycled fabric.

I continue to work in licencing and on freelance commissions, drop me a line if you have a project or collaboration in mind.